Saturday, August 25, 2012


Sunday, the day of rest, you didn't do much but go to church, eat Sunday dinner, may-be go for a drive or play some games.  Sunday was a quiet day, the biggest excitement on Sunday i can remember was going to The Newsstand to get the Sunday paper and if I was lucky some candy , a store that sold books and magazines, newspapers, writing paper, candy and s few gifts items, they closed promptly at noon when I was a kid, and they were pretty much the only store open in town.
The rest of the day, we might go to visit someone or just for a drive, in the summer. In the Fall we would pile into the old green Buick and travel a winding back road to a fruit and vegetable market and buy fresh bread and some produce, and look at the turning leaves. Once in awhile we went on a picnic.  In the winter there was always a game of cards, or checkers, and later Monopoly, while we waited for dinner to be ready.When it was too cold or too rainy to go outside we could always watch the travelogues or "Victory at Sea", the theme song of which I can still hear. The next day was work and school and the weekend always went much too fast.

By the time I got to High School the weekends went by really fast, there was barely time enough to get to and from the mall, and later working on my driving skills before it was time to do homework, if i did it at all and dread going back to school. There was a whole world of ideas and people to explore, the world changed a lot in those few years. I changed alot too, but Sunday remained Sunday, and for a few more years, it was still a quiet day.    Where once there was nothing at all going on a Sunday afternoon, and it might even have been difficult to find a gas station open, there were fair and art shows, flea markets, impromptu and organised activities, many stores and restaurants were open, and you could even go to the movies.  People didn't visit  as much, because so one was ever home, there were still Sunday papers to read, and people usually  still had Sunday dinner at home.but may0be it wasn't such a big deal anymore. and might even be served in front of the TV as folks watched the football games. 

 Sunday is a good day to worship, work, window shop, wander, wish,weep, wash the car and wash the clothes.and a lot of wondering, which lead me to the conclusion that the world had really changed a lot, the once quiet day, that had been dedicated to rest and family had become a hectic rushed almost Monday like day. 

Now all of these new oppotuntiys for entertainment, seem to me to be good things. Work has switched from mainly physical labor to mainly mental labor,but one still needs a break, though an overtired mind has a hard time chiiling out whereas an overtired body will take the first opportunity to do so.  I may be long past the time when I have restless energy to burn i had a few decades ago, when i thought Sunday was the most boring day of the week, but it is still nice to know if i ever do feel that way again, there is something i can do about it.  Progress can be a good thing.

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