Wednesday, August 22, 2012

" Bright new star"

"There are no bugs in my house, they all chocked to death on the dust!"

"My best beauty hint. buy 50 bottles of aspirin, take out the cotton and stuff it in your bra."

Phyllis Diller, has died, peacefully in her sleep. And last night there was a bright new star in the sky.  She was a pioneer, she changed the way women thought about themselves, not that at the time many of them would admit to it.  Her humor changed the way women in comedy where viewed, from bumbling to witty,  Phyllis Diller's humor was self deprecating, but it was also witty. 

She was also and advocate for breastfeeding when, it was  still considered old fashioned, and not the modern things to do. 

Though she was a classically trained pianist, she never felt she was good enough to preform. she however loved the arts and was a great supporter of the,. her personal passion was painting,

I was in 5th grade when Phyllis Dill became the talk of the lunch table, her wild hair and raucous laugh, which we all learned to imitate, and of course that cigarette holder, which was a prop, she wasn't a smoker, but we didn't know that.  She was our hero.  She was a secure woman who was actually funnier than the men.  She was obviously not ordinary, and not ordinary, was what we all
very much wanted to be.  Fang , poor old Fang, he was so clueless, and we loved it.

"The Pruitts of South Hampton"  was a very poorly written series, but i watched it anyway, I was very disappointed that  Ms. Diller was not  the eccentric and intelligent woman I thought her to be, the butler on that show had the best lines.

As I watcher her frequent appearance on the talk show circuit i realised she was even more intelligent than I had thought.   She once  brought a large jar of hard candies as a gift to a very well know conductor, who's name escapes me now, and they talked about music, In fact she seemed to have opinions on many subjects, not that I agreed with them all.

We all all much richer, thanks to you.  

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