Friday, July 6, 2012

old pictures


I always considered myself lucky when on a rainy Sunday afternoon someone would bring out an old photo album for me to look at while the adults talked about things I wasn't even vaguely interested in.  Much akin to that  new amusement TV, these pages could be sources of  thought provoking wonder.
Most of the photos were of dour men and women standing uncomfortable and stiff in front of a car or house, trying to ignore the camera as they cut a birthday or anniversary cake.  I could just hear them saying, "Put that damned thing away!".     Pictures of scenery were rare, film and developing it were expensive.  and there were postcard views in abundance in those days, every dime store, train station and drug store had racks of them.   The scenery and houses  were my favorites.
Then there were photos like this one, unposed photos of other children, and they were enjoying some of the same things that I did.  True the children in these pictures were grown up now and talking grown up talk in the next room, and the clothes and toys were not exactly like the ones I  had, but i was pretty sure that they also loved to look at old pictures much more than listen to grown-ups complaining in the next room.

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