Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Friday the 13th

~artist unknown to me
I was out picking blueberries this morning early, bucket precariously perched in the apple mint because I love the way it smells every time I drop berries into it, like anyone really needs extra incentive to pick berries on a cool and breezy morning in July!   i was reaching for just a few more berries to fill my hands before i plopped them into the bucket, when i dropped several of them, they landed neatly in the bucket, and the bucket didn't spill, which it should have done.  Anyway it usually would have done.

but today is Friday the 13th. my lucky day, it always has been, and almost every  one has brought with it a good surprise.   Some of them large and some of them small.  Perhaps that was my surprise for today, because  having to pick up all of those berries would not have been a good way to start the day.

Friday the 13th was once considered a very lucky day.  Then it like black cats became associated with bad luck.   Of all of the stories i have heard about why it is an unlucky day, the only one I think could be a reason is that it was the day that the Knights Templar were rounded up and imprisoned, tortured and/or burned at the stake.  After all it began a campaign of terror and persecution.  I often wonder if  9-11 will meet a similar stature, because it certainly changed our lives.

Therefor gentle readers I wish you all a good day, this Friday the 13th, and may only good things come your way.

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