Thursday, January 12, 2012

A storm is comming

                                            ~~Selena Fox

It's going to snow, now snow in January is hardly and unusual thing, but this year there has been very little snow and and even less cold weather.  
I don't like snow very much, even if I have no where in particular  I need to be that day.  When it comes right down to it, it is difficult for me to find anything good to say about winter.  But there seems to be an excitement about this storm, not just among people I have talked with yesterday and today, but the weatherman, and the newsreaders seem like school kids anticipating the first snow of the season.  The weatherman is warning of dangerous drops in temperature that will  lead to slippery roads, and the possibility of heavy bursts of snow.  Strong winds gusting over 40 mph, and 3to 5 inches of snow, may-be even thunder and lightening. 
Sorta is the first snow of the season.
Sorta everyone needs to relearn how to drive in snow.
Sorta its gonna mean cleaning off the car first.
Sorta gonna need boots and gloves, may-be even a coat.
Sorta glad i don't have to stand at the School bus stop.
Sorta might sleep in tomorrow.
Sorta wish it was summer.
sorta think I will go for a walk in the wood tomorrow.

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