Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Longest night of the year, a personal view

Shortly after midnight tonight EST, the Winter Solstice will occur, the moment that markes the return of the sun and the lengthening of days.
image by MissGaylee

I can't describe how strange it seems to me that the Solstice should fall at the very beginning of winter.  That the Sun returns as the weather turns coldest. "As the day lengthens, the cold strengthens." is a very accurate statement, nighttime temps  will often be in the single digits and even sub-zero in a few weeks, however the sunsets will be noticeably later by then.
The lengthening daylight just doesn't seem to have much of a effect,
Until that time you first feel it's warmth on your face, or see the snow beginning to first melt away from the fenceposts and from around the trees.
The return of the sun, and lengthening days were seen as the promise of life returning to the earth, our ancestors, built bonfires, danced and sang, gathered together and feasted to encourage the return of the sun.
Blessed Yule!

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