Monday, November 7, 2011

nothing new under the sun

I have collected beach glass and pottery shards which have tumbled in the waves, beautiful they are; and displayed with them on the mantel amid the pretty seashell is a Japanese net float. An orb of glass that lost at sea long ago. collected, bought, and sold finally made it's way here to the piney woods.


Having seen the reports about the masses of garbage floating in the Pacific Ocean, some from the tsunami in Japan and much of it just plain garbage dumped there, out of sight and our of mind. Until we get a reminder like this.

A hermit crab has made a home in the neck or a screwcap wine bottle! The bottle is neatly broken and it would seem to be a perfect home for a dapper hermit crab. I wonder though if the crab had made a home in an ancient Roman vessel if it would have the same impact.

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