Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Romeo is dreaming,
Is he chasing butterflys?
Or watching birds

May-be he daydreams.
of ice cream.

Lolling on the bed
thinking of being fed.

Cuddled close and warm
safe from harm.

He struts the walk.
and talks the talk.

And he knows
from nose to toes
he is

Thursday, September 22, 2011

"We gotta great big convoy"

Well it all started with the toy truck cab it found in the woods. No, I all started with the bits of glass, buttons marbles and broken crockery I found in the garden
Not right, it all started with the tomatoes. yeah, the tomatoes that have been falling of the vines. These little tomatoes would rot if left on the ground, and so I picked them up and neatly arranged them in clean cardboard trays in the mud room, and a lot of them still turned to smelly mush. Then a thought , I have this cooking pit in the yard that I hardly ever use.....Hummm, just maybe. I lined them up around the top perimeter, clumping together the objects that were already there, like escaped kitchen spoons and rocks from Lake Erie. "There we shall see, what we shall see."
I went into the house to wash dishes and looking out the window at at the brightly colored globes was a tomato convoy!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

not i, may-be a mouse

Volunteers!, i thought that there would be no pumpkins in my garden this year, well they are not exactly in the garden, but they are pumpkins, who planted them, not I, probably a mouse. Though pumpkin seeds have very long viability, I don't think they could be from the house's former owner, no not 30 year old seed. But I am delighted to see them there in the underbrush where the yard meets the woods.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ivy and the "funny day"

Ivy watched as the little dog, ran off. She just didn't know what to do, so she made another mug of coffee and went back out to think, surely the little dog was home and safe by now. Ivy went inside, but she kept watch through the small window near the back door, with it's wavy glass, it had been part of the old mansion down on Center street that later became an orphanage, then was demolishes to make room for , well she just couldn't remember what ,,,,offices or something. Della stopped over to pick up the excess zucchini and green beans from ivy's garden, the paperboy stopped in for a quick visit, and to tell Ivy that he was going to be an uncle. Ivy said that she wondered if he or she would be a paperboy also, by the time it was sunset ivy was exhausted. "Oh. Mister Chips, this has been a funny day! Imagine Randy, a grandpa, imagine Darius old enough to be a Daddy, Wes has graduated and will be off to college, Cameron, is growing up so fast!! A Funny Day Mr. Chips, a funny day. Well in case I fall asleep in m,y chair i had better cover you up, sweet dreams ." With tha she climbed the steps to the attic, settled into her chair and began scanning the streets for a small white and purple dog. Ivy met the crisp early morning as she always had, messy hair , over sized shirt and huge mug of coffee. But this morning one look out the window just wasn't enough, truth be told she was wondering if the little dog would be back. There were canning jars to scrub and Ivy stood at the sink looking out over the lawn looking at the asparagus bed and apple trees, this summers was too wet then too dry then cold weather had stressed even the tress, who's leaves were beginning to turn early. The asparagus fronds that usually stood taller than she could reach, were not even as tall as her, the apples were small but plentiful. there was just something not right. Especially that little white dog with the faint purplish stains on it,sitting on the back steps. Ivy dried her hands on a damp towel, and opened the back door,"Come on in, Puperronie!" the little guy just looked at her. "Then com on in, Elderberry hound" "Well what should i call you? huh?, how about pupsicle, no don't like that." Ivy walked out to the steps and sat down next to the him, he appeared to be very content and was sprawled out as if sunbathing. "Are you sunbathing, little fella, perfect day for it just look at that sky, " and with that the pup raise himself to sitting and thrust out his paw. Ivy was, quite surprised but she put out her hand and the pup put his paw in her hand. the pup tilted his head and they both looked at each other for awhile, finally Ivy said "Skye?" and the pup gave a several small, happy barks. There they sat in silence watching the the clouds go by and soaking up the warmth of the sun. i stood up and opened the door, Skye strolled into the kitchen and curled up on the rug in a patch of sun. "You think you live here, don't you?" Ivy returned to scrubbing jars, she whistled "ode to joy" as she worked, Mister chips joined in with his own version, and just as she place the last jar in the rack to drain, Skye tried to join it. Skye' attempt was drowned out by Della's cheerful greeting. " Hey, there whistling woman!". "common in I'm in the kitchen." Ivy's voice rang out. Della came in and scuffed Sykes' ears, "new Pup?" she asked. Ivy replied "He thinks so." Della sat at the table, Oh look, there's the School bus." Skye stood to attention and ran to the door and scratched at it until Della let him out. "There he goes! he must be going home." Ivy said very softly and the room was silent for a moment. Ivy grabbed her cup and sat across from Della, grinning behind her cup she said "Now what was so important that you had to scare my star boreder away?" unsuccessfully stifling a laugh. Della's eyes widened, and then she too began to laugh. After she recovered her composure she replied " did you hear that some ghost hunting show is going to investigate the old Sweeny place?" Ivy returned "The only spirits in that place came out of a bottle." "That was something the older kids made up to keep the younger ones out so they could party there." "I always wondered about the stories about the house that Angie Belliini lived in." her voice drifted off. " Ivy, is it true that you punched her in the face? " Della queried. " No, no! Angie was a real sweet kid." Ivy snapped back, "I meant that teacher , forget her name." Della paused. Ivy stood up and made a grand sweeping gesture, and in an affected accent said" Miss Isobel K. Laventine, is that who you mean? Hurts your throat to talk like that, need more coffee." pouring herself another cup "Well pretty much, she was teaching us kids a new song, called' Boys may whistle, but girls must sing.', anyway i whistled along with the boys, and she got furious grabbed me and shook me, so I belted her. Hell, she must have outweighed me by 300 pounds, I never saw anyone cry and carry on so much." Ivy said grinning her best Cheshire Cat grin. "How about some pie, Della? I swear I didn't make it." Ivy put a slice of pie on a plate and put it in the microwave. "Who did you say is planning the ghost hunt? Surely you don't mean the famous ones from SyFy." She place the warmed pie in front of Della, "Honestly i don't know."

Thursday, September 15, 2011

across the night sky

would I could carry the moon on my back to the top of a high hill where holding on tight then the moon could carry me accross the night sky

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pumpkin Kinder Moon

The sky has been overcast for several days now, but by the time the moon is full it should be clear. I feel privileged to see the moon drifting along, sailing with the clouds, and pause to look for it every night, even when all I can see is it's glow through veils of clouds. The last moon I saw rise above the trees was a slender crescent. May-be it is just my recollection, but it seems that the first part of September we always get a a few days of chilly, damp to the bone weather. Very bad for the tomatoes, and the pumpkins. there aren't the usual crop of huge orange globes this year but tiny "pumpkin kinder" who look very frail and small for their age. Am Internet acquaintance of mine posts often about the pumpkins she is growing from seed sent to her by a friend in the UK, so in honor of that I will call this moon the ' Pumpkin Kinder Moon". September Moon names Soaproot (Pomo). Corn Moon (Pueblo). Harvest moon (Hopi). Singing Moon (Celtic). Leaf fall Moon (Kiowa). Ripe Moon (San Juan). Maize Moon (Natchez). Acorns Moon (Wishram). Rice Moon (Anishnaabe). Hay Cutting Moon (Yuchi). Mulberry Moon (Choctaw). Deer Paw Moon (Omaha). Snow Goose Moon (Cree). Freshness Moon (Mohawk). Harvest Moon (Neo-Pagan). Harvest (Colonial American). Little Chestnut Moon (Creek). Corn Maker Moon (Abernaki). Drying Grass Moon (Arapaho). Yellow Leaf Moon (Assiniboine). Drying Grass Moon (Cheyenne). Autumn Moon (Passamaquoddy). Barley Moon (Mediaeval English). Calves Hair Growth Moon (Dakota). Yellow Leaf Moon(Taos Native American). Nut Moon, Black Butterfly Moon (Cherokee). Drying Grass Moon, Black Calve Moon, fScarlet Plum Moon (Sioux). Harvest Moon, Corn Moon, Barley Moon, Fruit Moon, Dying Grass Moon (Algonquin). Other moon names : Wine moon, Blood Moon, Sturgeon Moon ~~Everything under the Moon

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

thinking too much is a scary thought

"Be master of mind rather than mastered by mind." That's exactly what it said. But what exactly does it mean?
I don't know! It would appear to be telling me that intellectual matters are not all there is to life, or are not the way to have a good life ? Or is about fear and loneliness, and all the other things and thoughts that lurk in the dark hollows , and get pushed back by bright lights only to surface when it is quiet, so quiet all you hear is your own? Is it about living life as you truly want, finding what pleases you. Not what you think pleases others? Is it about seeing beyond the spin and the hype? Every question begs another question.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day thoughts

Labor Day, to so many people including me is about the ending of the summer season. But more importantly it is a celebration of the American worker, who deserves plenty of respect. The Men and women who joined the workforce after the Great Depression, and those who left the farm and joined the Armed Forces during WWII, then came home and worked in factories, raised their familys, made ends meet and then in their retirement finally were able to do as they wanted. That's what I wanted to write about. Then I saw this picture. Which pretty much says it ALL! Awesome isn't it?
" Pop given name was William Thomas Matthaey, he was called Bill by just about everyone in his generation; of course it was an "eccentric" cousin who called him either Billy or Willie. Growing up he was Daddy, until our teen years then he became either Dad or Pop. His Grandchildren, (9) called him Pop-Pop or two who called him Grandpa. A little background on Pop, he was the youngest of 3 children, a brother and sister. He did serve in WWII as a payroll clerk and a MP in Aberdeen, Maryland and Sandy Hook, NJ. He graduated college with a degree industrial engendering. He worked at a placed called Industrial Washing Machine in Both Matawan and Hillside, NJ; in 1967, he began working for the Navy as Environmental engineer til he retired in 1997. When he was a child of 9, developed nephritis, was in hospital for almost 9 months and then home on bedrest for about a year and a half. He over came from not recovering from the infection, then not being able to father any children, he proved them wrong on that account, he had 7. Pop enjoyed wooding working, he built that clock from a kit for my Mother for their 25 th anniversary; God blessed them with 34 yrs of marriage. He did later in life, last 5 years, develop kidney disease and went on dialysis for the last 5 yrs, but it did not stop him from traveling and enjoying this life. That’s my Dad.. Many thanks to Bill's daughter Suzanne, for her help. Happy Labor Day everyone! Had to add this memory written by his granddaughter 12/12/07 4 years Ago Today Our Laughs still echo in my mind Your smile forever in my memory Finding new tickle spots to try on me You were my first favorite, my friend, My Grandpa; I was the stars, you the moon, You meant so much to me Why did you have to leave soon? I miss you so much with each passing day Every night I wish to you, my guardian; That you'll always protect me, don't slip up now Keep that smile burning bright in the sky to be seen. This day brings both laughter and tears Oh how much we all truely miss you The humor to the seriousness and vice versa Without you here, I don't know what any of us will do. Allyson K. Matthaey In Loving Memory

Thursday, September 1, 2011

"Drink more poetry."

"Drink more poetry."someone posted on Facebook

Or should it have been quaff.
for some reason I am feeling very poetic.
My favorite form of poetry is the Haiku, three lines of 5-7-5 syllables, that pretty much sum up the world. I used to write several of them a week, Now, I do not claim to be a good writer of haiku, just a prolific one.

sheltered, in the pines
a hole through your trunk
apples still so sweet

Silent Sunday~~~Hedgehog Picnic

thanks Coleman