Thursday, September 22, 2011

"We gotta great big convoy"

Well it all started with the toy truck cab it found in the woods. No, I all started with the bits of glass, buttons marbles and broken crockery I found in the garden
Not right, it all started with the tomatoes. yeah, the tomatoes that have been falling of the vines. These little tomatoes would rot if left on the ground, and so I picked them up and neatly arranged them in clean cardboard trays in the mud room, and a lot of them still turned to smelly mush. Then a thought , I have this cooking pit in the yard that I hardly ever use.....Hummm, just maybe. I lined them up around the top perimeter, clumping together the objects that were already there, like escaped kitchen spoons and rocks from Lake Erie. "There we shall see, what we shall see."
I went into the house to wash dishes and looking out the window at at the brightly colored globes was a tomato convoy!!

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