Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day thoughts

Labor Day, to so many people including me is about the ending of the summer season. But more importantly it is a celebration of the American worker, who deserves plenty of respect. The Men and women who joined the workforce after the Great Depression, and those who left the farm and joined the Armed Forces during WWII, then came home and worked in factories, raised their familys, made ends meet and then in their retirement finally were able to do as they wanted. That's what I wanted to write about. Then I saw this picture. Which pretty much says it ALL! Awesome isn't it?
" Pop given name was William Thomas Matthaey, he was called Bill by just about everyone in his generation; of course it was an "eccentric" cousin who called him either Billy or Willie. Growing up he was Daddy, until our teen years then he became either Dad or Pop. His Grandchildren, (9) called him Pop-Pop or two who called him Grandpa. A little background on Pop, he was the youngest of 3 children, a brother and sister. He did serve in WWII as a payroll clerk and a MP in Aberdeen, Maryland and Sandy Hook, NJ. He graduated college with a degree industrial engendering. He worked at a placed called Industrial Washing Machine in Both Matawan and Hillside, NJ; in 1967, he began working for the Navy as Environmental engineer til he retired in 1997. When he was a child of 9, developed nephritis, was in hospital for almost 9 months and then home on bedrest for about a year and a half. He over came from not recovering from the infection, then not being able to father any children, he proved them wrong on that account, he had 7. Pop enjoyed wooding working, he built that clock from a kit for my Mother for their 25 th anniversary; God blessed them with 34 yrs of marriage. He did later in life, last 5 years, develop kidney disease and went on dialysis for the last 5 yrs, but it did not stop him from traveling and enjoying this life. That’s my Dad.. Many thanks to Bill's daughter Suzanne, for her help. Happy Labor Day everyone! Had to add this memory written by his granddaughter 12/12/07 4 years Ago Today Our Laughs still echo in my mind Your smile forever in my memory Finding new tickle spots to try on me You were my first favorite, my friend, My Grandpa; I was the stars, you the moon, You meant so much to me Why did you have to leave soon? I miss you so much with each passing day Every night I wish to you, my guardian; That you'll always protect me, don't slip up now Keep that smile burning bright in the sky to be seen. This day brings both laughter and tears Oh how much we all truely miss you The humor to the seriousness and vice versa Without you here, I don't know what any of us will do. Allyson K. Matthaey In Loving Memory

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