Monday, February 28, 2011

"No blue Day"

On the second floor our my house there is a very small room, or a very large closet. take your pick. Where for years we have been putting those items we use occasionally, like the good china, and Holiday decorations, over time this closet/room has also acquired some items that were put there.....well just because they were.

Might use that, might want that, might fix that, might finish that, might put that in a Yard Sale, but I never did. Now loaded up, some headed for the dump and someare headed for Goodwill. And truthfully a few things did get to stay, but most of the "might"s are either out in the car or soon will be.

Still pondering the memories that these items brought back, is good. Some outright make me laugh. A few are sad, some just crazy, as I wonder what I was thinking. It is fun to look back, especially on the home made Halloween costumes, that were worn around the house for weeks afterward, even though they are best described now as faded shreds of well used fabric. And that huge paper Easter Bunny, with his crooked smile and bright blue eyes, who presided over every egg hunt, now falling to pieces and truly beyond salvage this time.

Those things put here, which I told myself I fully intended to repair, repurpose or re-use. I didn't and I know that the reason was probably not so much lack of time but lack of motivation, even then.

I am not the person who looks back on these and says," I wanted to do this or that,but I never did."
There are no regrets here. Only things that got left behind while I was off doing other things. May they all find loving homes.

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haiku~~~bare feet

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