Friday, December 17, 2010

I can see you from my house

There was a rocking chair by the attic window, and every year as the weather got colder she would bring a blanket or two up the creaky wooden steps with her and and wrap herself in the them as she watched the brilliant colors of Autumn bloom and fade and the sunsets get earlier and earlier. Soon she would need to wear her warmest slippers and bring a mug of tea with her.
About Thanksgiving, she would bring a small battery lantern with her, and begin watching for the bright Christmas lights to appear. One night she saw some one, another woman she thought sitting by her window and she waved, the woman waved back.
The next night she sat in her chair and saw the woman again, she waved and the woman waved back, this went on for several nights, when she notice someone else by their window and she waved and they waved back. As she sat there watching the beautiful lights and listening to carols on her radio, she saw still another person come to their window, and again she waved, and they waved back. One night she noticed someone waving to her.

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