Saturday, October 23, 2010

the Halloween tree

I haven't put this up in a few years, but for over 20 years it has been the center piece of my Halloween decorating.

I saw it in a magazine and, well, just didn't have the $25 it cost. I also knew that the Old Farmer has some scraps of thin plywood and so I walked over to his house asked him for one, he said "Sure, I was probably gonna burn them anyway." I thanked him and turned to walk home with my prize, I heard him call after me "Farmer what are ya gonna make outta that?"
"A Haeeallloweeeeen tree!" I replied, he roared with laughter.

I took it home and carefully drew the trees finger-like limbs onto the scrap of wood, freehand, and I was very proud of myself. I had a very small hand saw and went to work cutting it out, it was turning into a long and difficult job, about then the old farmer showed up and stood watching me for awhile, then offered to take it home with him and finish the cutting with his new jig saw. It was there on the back steps when I went out to the garden. It was painted and in place by the time my son got home from school that day.

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