Friday, February 6, 2009

I climbed Mount Jewett

I usually don't open forwards, but I did accidentally open this one! That in itself proves there are no accidents.
First of all Mount Jewett is a town, but it is on the top of a hill. A one time thriving village, little is left of it, like many small towns it is melting slowly into the forest it was once carved from.
This photo was taken there, and has been circulating ever since.
One can still buy a T-shirt at the yearly Swedish festival, that says "I climbed Mount Jewett".
Or one can see the remains of the Kinzua Viaduct, a once mighty railroad bridge, standing 301 feet above the valley floor, but that is another post.
Or you can travel a couple miles out of town and see the Bridgeview cemetery, where the image of the viaduct is carved on to several headstones, this was also an excellent point to view the viaduct in its entirety, before it was brought down by a possible tornado. Off in the corner of this cemetary are several above ground graves marking the final resting place of families of Serbo-Croations who escaped war only to be claimed by the Influenza outbreak, and ironic immortality.

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