Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Candle moon

last night the candle moon shown through the thick layer of clounds and tangle of branches like a distant candle, it was already a waning moon when it first became visible above the Norway spruce and maples.

February's full moon has other names , the Hungry Moon and the Wolf Moon, but all of it's names tell me that even our ancestors found the month with the least number of days to be the longest month of the year. I wondered if they were still telling stories around the hearthfire , while the eves dripped from an early thaw or the wind howled during a fierce storm, perhaps a heavy wet snow was falling and everyone sat wide eyed and still. Did they tell stories to take thier minds of thier hunger, or the hunger of the prowling wolves. Or if they had given up and just gone to sleep. Perhaps they looked for signs of spring.

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