Friday, June 20, 2008

Solstice strawberrys

I would have posted a picture of strawberries, loverly sweet strawberries from my garden, but by the light of the "strawberry moon' a family of deer ate them all. Hence the photo of foxgloves.

Today being the solstice, the day of equal night and day, from here on out the hours of daylight diminish as we sink into winter, its such a subtle change I never seem to notice that the day is getting shorter, until the first signs of autumn appear.
My mother, who is now in her 8o's, tells the story of how when she was 6 or there about she heard my grandmother talk about the longest day of the year, so off she went to pick wild strawberries, she walked quite a distance over 2 miles, picking berrys where she found them and thinking that it was "the longest day of the year",she kept on picking. Her pails were getting full when she realised it was getting dark, fast! Thought she wasn't lost, she was frightened, and started to run home. She and the berries arrived safely, but to this day she still laughs when she tells the story.

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