Wednesday, May 16, 2018


I'm doin nothing, or as close to doing nothing as possible.  And yes, yes,yes, it is a great feeling.  I almost have the ambition to answer the question in the kitten eyes, perhaps cats really are psychic and she knows the answer but, perhaps she had a different question, like "when's eats???".  

I just drove home the long way with a carload of groceries and the mail, after dropping off the recycling, of course.   My mailbox was overflowing and there were even letters and parcels!!!
Ah, I love that, and if I had the ambition, I would open those parcels and see what is in them, and I would peruse my new books that I just couldn't wait to read.  The letters are tempting me, but I am feeling particularly strong  and can easily resist.

After this exceptionally long winter, the trees have begun to leaf out and the roadside plants have begun to sprout.  Over and over I repeat to myself, the woods are covered in green lace, or so it appears to me.  The very earth had the particular aroma of freshness I have only noticed in the early spring.   Birdsong and a sky streaked with wispy, white clouds.   Sunshine and a fresh breeze.   I feel as brand new as the day.  So here I have parked myself, and I am doing nothing.  

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