Thursday, April 5, 2018

Phil Everly, you made my day!

By now , gentle readers, you are well acquainted with my dislike, OK make that disgust with winter .  Four snowy days in a row in April might not be unheard of but it certainly is unbearable, for me at least!   As I watched the snow swirling around  in the fierce winds I was reminded of an interview on PBS with the Everly Brothers,  the TV was a black and white, with a 19" screen and  I bought it at Sears for ,well can't remember, my first TV, close 50 years I do digress.
PBS was the only channel that came in reliably, so I watched it a lot.   The  Everly Brothers were favorites of my favorite Aunt, them and Brenda Lee, so they are engraved in my childhood memories.  But to show you how well engraved, I only heard this song once,  and that was during that interview.  And as I was standing by the kitchen window several minutes ago, I remembered it.
And I thought, perhaps I should share this mellow song. 

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