Monday, April 2, 2018

a poem for you

at  springtime's last chill
they come into town
over the hill
with footsteps that thaw
the icy ground

Mama makes them a new gown
feed sacks and needles
the finest stitching all round
sunshine in their smiles
weather heedless

Armloads of daffodils
that smiling faces peek around
ones heart thrills
and steps are lightened
glad greetings abound

A flower for every one
till there are none left
then over the hill and gone
leaving richer by far
our life's warp and wheft

lifes warp and wheftricher by far over the hill and gonetill there are none leftA flower for every oneand glad greetings aboundand steps are ligtenedones heart thrillsthat smiling faces peek aroundArmloads of daffodillsweather heedlesssunshine in thier smailesthe finest stitching all roundfeed sacks and neadlesMama makes s them a new gown

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