Wednesday, January 17, 2018

See what happens when I think

I know why this has been in the "draft"  section so long,  because I knew I wanted to say something about it but wasn't sure quite what.  This morning I picked up an old   gardening book that was gifted  to me by a gardener,  mentor and friend, and it hit me like like what happens when you step on a rake.

"I can be anything!!!
Anything I want to be."
If I just put my mind to it. 

Or so they say. 
So with that in mind and this being the time of year associated with new beginnings.
What do you want to be? I would venture a guess that it just be the same thing I want to be, and that would be content, hopeful. and sometimes out right happy!

A dear friend who later became  my mentor , once asked me what I  wanted to be.   And replied "happy".  

She looked at me with the sly grace of her accumulated 78 years and smiled.

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