Sunday, December 3, 2017

December full moon, just rambling

Getting an early start on this on this full moon ramble, and why not. It is the most festive moon of the year, probably seen by more people than any other one because they are out  and about,  visiting with friends and family, shopping or just enjoying the Holiday lights.  This Full moon is also a Super moon, which appears 13-14% larger because it is closer to the earth.  

Last night as I was preparing our evening meal, I noticed that the sunset was particularly vivid so I grabbed my camera and went of to get a few pictures. as I turned around to go back into the house, there was the waxing gibbous moon, 

The moon before Yule, or sometimes the Moon after Yule,  Frosen  Over Moon,Oak Moon,Star Frost Moon,  Moon of 1000 stars, Long Nights Moon, Deer shed  antlers Moon, Moon of Popping trees,  Wolf pack Moon. 

And I sit back and enjoy another December Full Moon.  Another year, to wish all of you peaceful hearts.

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