Wednesday, March 8, 2017

This year I will keep looking up

another post from before the "CRASH"

In keeping with my New Year Resolution of not making resolutions,  I'm not going to make any resolutions.  

Does it mean the same thing if I call it a "to do list" or plans?  I am just not sure.  And may-be I don't really care if it is or not.   And that is why I am including this little to do list....yah, can you just see me writing  things down and checking them off.   I have tried to write a list for your amusement or amazement or something like that, but it just didn't work, I strive to be a goal-less person, hmmmm  must be better than I thought because anyway after awhile and  a lot of scribbles and cross outs but I persevered and got a list together.   My idea of thinking into the future is  considering  what I will be doing tomorrow and because it never works out like I plan, I only do that when I feel I can  tolerate the disappointment of it.

So for those of you who might be snowed in or just want to try you  holiday weary mind, here is a copy you can print  out and try, better make that a couple of copies.

I though may-be my readers would like to see what I came up with.  And as you can see even though this is my neatened-up copy, this was a struggle---yeah, ya got me, the inner child one and the more fun one and the grow more veggies one were easy the rest not so much.


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