Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas wish for you

I was standing in the checkout line a couple days ago, with all my Christmas  victuals awaiting their trip to my kitchen, when I noticed the man in front of me was Santa, well he looked more like Father Christmas,  and he was buying candy canes!  So I thought I just might ask him, for a special wish I have.  May-be, may-be, I said, Santa "I have a special wish", and he replied "For you I hope it comes true."
Honest it really happened!  And honest a part of the wish has come true.   So, Ok, now I am a Believer again, or  probably I always was, because I did ask him in the first place. Right?

By now I am sure that my frequent readers know my I have never quite grown up, whilst I have grown much older.   But if you didn't, you do now.   So being emboldened by my boldness, I will shortly go outside and look up to the sky, which is cloudy and rainy, and make a wish for everyone as I do each year.

I wish for Peace on Earth and if that isn't possible, then for peace in the  hearts of those who seek it.
I wish that everyday everyone finds at least one thing to be glad about.
I wish that the child in you makes each day a brighter one.
And for sweet dreams and restful slumbers to each of you.

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