Friday, October 21, 2016

the last tomato

The first rays of dawn washed across my bed and gently illuminated my room , waking me as they do every morning.   I rolled over to face the wall,  and pulled the quilt around me,  it seemed so much colder than I thought it should be.  So much colder in fact that I wondered if a window was open.  So I got up to close it.

The view from my window, which was firmly closed and not the least bit open, was not only stunning it was educational.  It took me  a few minutes to process that all the whiteness  was in fact, a very heavy frost and NOT SNOW!!  the endless summer of 2016 had ended!!!   Inside my gardeners heart was screaming " Hell, no!!!  this can't be happening!!! There are still blossoms on my tomato vines!!!"  However my rational, OK-OK rational is a stretch, thinking self said, " Now I can sleep in."  I wish there were emoji's for this because I will fill the page with them.  tomato vines in blossom, sleeping gardener, tomato vines in bloom, sleeping gardener, tomato vines....well you get the idea.

Yes, it  is Autumn, and the harvest is over.  No, I don't want it to be, Autumn is beautiful, and refreshing after this hot and humid endless Summer, I still like summer better though.

 Unlike other seasons this last flourish of Natures bounty and beauty  has more than one name.  Which I have often wondered about. Autumn is a word derived from the Latin, meaning end of the harvest, it was used beginning in the 1400s.  Fall,  is short for 'Fall of the Leaves', as this season was called in the 1600s.   In the 1300s, the name Harvest, a most befitting name was in use.  You can learn many things from watching Public Television.

Now my mind is wandering or is that wondering?  No matter, because here are a couple of  brief videos that will explain why leaves change colors. 

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