Sunday, September 18, 2016

A sorta wordy and out of focus Sunday picking apples

 I skould call this tree Old Faithful because

it still produces apples even with a trunk like this

 through the mist and drizzle everything looks like a Monet painting
           also it is easy to tell that  Fall is early this year

 they are certainly not the prettiest apples
       but they are so tasty

the deer eat them right on the tree
sorry I couldn't find a deer to illustrate that
one did stop by, but it was pretty dark by them
and he didn't hang around long when he saw my camera and I approaching

the  sahpes and contortions of tree limbs fascinate me

 OK, trees in general fascinate me
and they don't run away from my camera and I

 and looking down, I spy, purple!!
and other surprises

 goldenrod, at least to ne is beautiful

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