Friday, August 26, 2016

A perfect moment

A magnificent bird sailing across the cloudy sky, and for a few seconds all was transcendence, it was a perfect moment, a perfect but perfectly ordinary moment.   

Shooting stars, and hummingbirds courting a red watering can, sunlight through the leaves, it can be almost anything, including just listening to the quiet, or catching a whiff of bread baking, those perfectly perfect ordinary nimets. A serendipitous  meeting with an old friend, or a stranger , it can be hard to say what will make one's heart and  which linger on the edges of memory, and say "if only  life could be like this always."

I am grateful every time for these moments.   They salve my soul.  I doubt that I could live long in that state of awe, gratitude, and rapture.   Or may-be not.  And I often ask myself that question, what would it feel like to be that awestruck for an extended period of time.  To be so transfixed for an extended period of time.   Confusing at the very least.  It would be exhausting to be that engaged.

I am sure that would be true for me.  I would soon get lost in an overwhelming, mind jolting fog.  It would be difficult to navigate the more mundane everyday world afterward.

In the meantime I look forward to the next perfect moment.

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