Friday, July 8, 2016

Breath in the glorious day

Breath in the glorious Day!!!!

The sun warms my face and my aching back, the sweet smell of fresh cut hay, singing birds and tiny little green tomatoes. Breath it in savor it and save it for those long , gray, snowy winter days.  But then breath in the glorious days, with the fresh smell of falling snow, and the soft light filtered by low clouds, the hushed sounds,  save it for the sweltering hot nights, when sweat runs down you face when you are sitting still,  lightening dances across the sky , thunder rolls and finally the rains come.  

Breath in the glorious day,  the smell of soil as the snow melts and the sound of birdsong and  insects wings,   Enjoy the freedom from heavy coats and stretch your legs, walk aboard and watch the earth wake up.   Breath it in and save it for the day when the leaves are falling , rattling down like rain,  the air is crisp and spicy under a brilliant blue sky.  And then save it for the  day when the spring rains.

turn the paths to mud and chill you to the bone.  Breath it the glorious day and save it, savor it .

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