Friday, April 22, 2016

Aprils full moon, the EarthDay moon

Everyday should be earth day, it's just that simple.   But today the official  holiday coincides with the full moon of April, Springtime, when the earth awakes from it's dormancy, trees leaf out, birds build nests, flowers bloom and bees make honey.
The whole process of life unfolding in front of me, as I stand there grateful, awestruck, filled with wonder and excitement, and life.  I get pretty emotional.

I wasn't going to write  either a full moon or Earthday post, until I saw this illustration.
I felt I had said everything I had to say about both.   And like Gaia, in this illustration I
I wonder.   We gaze at the moon and wonder, marvel at it's beauty. but we can't se the vast diversity of the big blue marble we live on from the same perspective.

I only wish we could.  For millennia we humans have looked skyward.   Reveled in and assigned meaning to the lights in the sky.   I am not saying that we haven't done the same to the earth under out feet, the earth that supports our existence. What I am saying is that we haven't had the ability to view our mother planet in the same way. What is there beyond the curve of the horizon, there is more land.  More land to use.

Not surprising then that we think that there will always be more and may-be better beyond that horizon, but the earth is finite. The sky is vast, seemingly infinite.

So now I invite you to copy and paste this link:  and it will transport you to a video, inspired by a children's book written by Joe Miller.  Enjoy.

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