Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Imbolic ramble

" Clearing the way with the fiery brilliance of insight, which comes from visiting the deep, dark internal winter of our souls and seeing therein our own part in the constant and continually changing cycles of life."~~~  Donnna Henes

The  long nights of winter are over and Gaia stirs in her sleep, pulls her snowy blanket closer and returns to her slumber, knowing that she must soon wake.   It may not feel like that to us, as we crave the warmth of the sun, and the freedom of not having to wear heavy clothing  to venture out doors as our woodpiles  shrink.   Though apples, potatoes and cabbages are still in storage, something fresh form the garden, not the grocery store would be nice.  The long nights are beginning to give way to the lengthening daylight.  My thoughts turn from the stillness and reflection of winter to  longer days and wanderlust.  

The fire in the woodstove has been allowed to die out and will soon be rekindled.  There will still be snow and wind and wicked chill, but the darkest of winter is behind us now.  Welcome to the light and life and blessing of this Imbolic.

"It is better to light one candle, than to curse the darkness."  ~~The Christophers

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haiku~~~bare feet

Walking,walking on no place to go, sights to see walking on bare feet