Wednesday, February 24, 2016

"goodbye little camera"

I walked into the UPS terminal, no one was at the desk, so I said very softly to the box in my hands, "Goodbye little camera, I will miss you."
And placed it on the counter, when I looked up there was a man standing there, I said "hello" he said "hello", and I turned and left.  Grateful at least to know that even though my faithful little camera had reached the end of it time, it would be recycled.

This little beauty was an impulse purchase about 10 years ago, and the sheer number of photos I took must have been astronomical, as soon as I realized that I could just  point, shoot and delete what I didn't like. or messed up.  My camera was always with me, in my pocket on nearly every trip, every walk, always in easy reach.  Never, ever, ever could have taken that many emulsion photos, they would have needed their own house!!, and I would have been rendered homeless from the cost.
My mantra became  'point in the general direction and  click away, one of them will turn out'

Packing up my camera was a very slow process, I really wanted to discover a  setting was wrong, thought I knew that wasn't the case. 
I packaged it lovingly and carefully, after all cameras have been believed to capture souls.  If you were to think of a camera as the way my artistic soul captures the soul of moment, it explains my take on the 
power of an image, as well as the power of a camera.  To think that you can hold an image of a moment in time, what it s that if it isn't majick?

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