Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The wonderfulness of Social Media on a bitter cold day

 subtitle~~  Your attention please, History Channel, potential programming idea

 The weather has been really cold, going outside is so no fun, so I thought, why not take this time as an excuse to upgrade my knowledge of what is popular in social media.  And other than the sundry political chatter , it still seems the major topics are ridiculous shoes and cats.   The idea that cats are aliens is really a new one to me, but then they have been worshipped by the Egyptians and reviled by the Christian Church, who among other things thought cats were lazy and useless and that rats were industrious and to show their approval of the vile vermin put them into church art, but the rats carried the plague and well we know how that worked out, don't we: and a whole bunch of stuff  has been said about them by much less reliable souses, so who knows.   If you turn your head just so and squint a bit, and unfocus you eyes they look like the alien in the closing credits of Star Trek, who I affectionately call Herbert F. Solow , because that is the name imprinted over his image, and BTW , there is a real Mr. Solow, hes about 85 and has written about His years working at Desilu Studios,and working on Star Trek and OMG, IDK but I think that image of the alien has inspired the "grays" just using the theory on mass illusion, just sayin'.  Oh, and before I forget, I always wondered why Desilu Studios made Star Trek, I mean weren't they about sit coms??  An furthermore bet you didn't know Lucille Ball was born in Jamestown , New York, and that here is a big mural of her and Desi and Fred and Ethel on the side of a building there. She was a very intelligent woman and once said something like, "You have to be smart to play dumb."  that should be a meme.

So the other day someone asked me who created the internet, and why.  I didn't know the answer, but I know I can search it  and find the answer.  But being smart mouthed I said  " You ever hear that thing about aliens thinking cats are worshipped by humans, and they created the internet so that they could post tributes to them?". 
She seemed to think I was serious, well I wasn't then, but now I am.  " Yeah, I get  it."she said "and you know that guy on Ancient Aliens he should do a program about  cats."  don't you just hate that moment when you don't know how to answer?  Yeah, that's right! 

So later on I looked it up, Googled it, and look what I found.  and there were all sorts of obviously Photoshopped  pictures and out of focus video  of weird occurrences and even weirder creatures. 

However these videos are in focus,I mean I know this is like supposed to be funny, but ....but I just can't help wondering.   And I hate it when that happens, it's creepy, not like dolls or clowns, neither of which I  think are creepy, but more like when two people say the same thing at the same time.  I watched  several hours of this evidence, purely for research.

and as if that wasn't enough, hers another one

This stuff is all entertainment, something to do on a day when it is too cold and the snow is so deep you can't even get out of the driveway, or just don't want to.  It's probably OK to include your cat, because after all your cat might know more than you know, probably has 9 lives, kinda like Dr Who, and has probably trained you telepathically to do his or her bidding and be his or her obedient slave.  Anyway that was how it always works at my house.   All that cuteness and intelligence too, imagine that.

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