Saturday, January 23, 2016

fullmoon Wolf Moon

The last few nights I have been awakened by the light of the waxing gibbous moon.  I find myself looking up at it, like others must have done and might even be doing now .  Wondering about everything and nothing,at this most introspective time of the year.  Earth is in it wintery doldrums, and I feel the still and quiet of these cold nights,  nights too cold to leave the comfort of a pile of blankets and even listen for the mating call of  an owl, walk out under the stars, or lean out the back door. 

Everyday, the sunset comes a little later, and the cold deepens a little, but soon the earth's orbit and the lengthening days will  begin to wake the earth from it's dormancy. 

Wolf Moon is probably the best known name for the January full moon, it harkens back to Medieval times, when hungry packs of wolves were searching for their next meal, surely their howls could be heard at night, and certainly they were not as welcome as the calls of owls searching for a mate.   Livestock was often kept in the home at this time of year keeping it safe and keeping it from freezing to death. This name is also attributed to Indigenous Americans for much the same reason.

The Ancient Celtic name for this moon was the Quiet Moon,  those who live in the woods even in modern times,  will tell you that it is quiet.  And it must have been an eerie stillness for those long ago, as it is for me today.  For me this moon is a time of rest, contemplation, and wonder before the earth reawakens and there is again much to be done.

Other traditional names include, Cold Moon, Embers Moon,Moon after Yule, Deep Snows Moon, Long Nights Moon, First Moon, Howling Spirit moon, Pine Moon. Falling branches Moon.   If I would name the January full moon the Owl Moon, for soon I will be able to call to the owls from my back door  and when they answer I will know all is as it should be.

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