Thursday, January 7, 2016

A rhyme about trimmings and tinsel

Twas the twelfth day of Christmas and all through the house
the décor was getting dusty
and  hubby's patience had run out.

The stockings by the chimney were no longer there
and the tupperware once full of cookies was pretty near bare
out came the boxes from under the beds
and those nestled snugly under the stair,

Hope I can find them all
I stashed them everywhere
I poured one last last coffee to wash down the aspirin
but my will power and spirit were already flagging

How I would get this all done
i didn't really know.
I dusted  and dusted the air seemed filled with snow
some of this stuff just HAS TO GO!

But soon the dust cleared
and what o my wondering eyes should appear
but paper mache sleigh and  eight tiny...
are they reindeer, funny i don't remember putting this here.

And I resumed dusting
my vigor returned

I dusted the windows and boxed up the wreaths
I dusted the mantle and  put away the manger
I dusted the front door and took down the holly
I dusted the back door, things weren't looking jolly
packed up the colorful arrangements
I dusted the sideboard, the candle wax was like cement
I dusted the end table, the doilys need washing
I dusted the banister, it's state was just shocking
I dusted the Den and I don't know why.

The house was beginning to look pretty bare
as I struggle with my load of boxes
on the attic stair

I stopped for a coffee
and a chocolate Santa well may-be two
and there stood before me
so much more to

The tree stood there
blinking and winking at me
all covered in ornaments
but where could their boxes be???

I pondered and puzzled
and soon the answer came
finding the boxes
was only part of the game

Lovingly hung there and, loving the strung
the "packing peanut" popcorn garland
was the first thing undone
packing peanuts  we had, but money that year there was none

Next came the snowflakes
dainty and lacy
Grandma made them
the last present she ever gave me

Ornaments I got every year
each one from my  children
each one is different
is one is dear

So many ornaments
from over the years
I remember each one
until till I see it next year.

Now the house looks quite empty
outside it begins to grow dark
I take a moment to rekindle the spark
because Christmas is something that dwells in your heart.

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