Monday, November 23, 2015

Thankful thinking

Each year at this time, probably because Thanksgiving in near, people start talking out loud about what they are grateful for, which is good, we should all think of the things we are thankful for all during the year.  So, have you read  about the people who take note of what they are grateful for have more fulfilled lives...and I really hope that doesn't mean keeping a gratitude journal, mine would read something like  " items and occurrences to numerous  and possibly mundane to lumber my poor memory with."
Personally I am incredibly grateful for "spellcheck" which  just turned {ournp into the word journal, with a couple clicks....and yes I do that often, because I never learned how to type, or spell; hence my wonder and gratitude for this amazing cybergoodie.

But I digress, often, frequently and alotta the time.  but I wanted to write about how grateful I am for my car.  Ok, I know I am supposed to write about  how grateful I am for family, friends ,a roof over my head and food on my table.  And I am grateful for all of those things, but I am also grateful for my car.

My car enables me to drive to work and earn money, drive to see those I love, drive to see the things I love, drive to the store, to drive to someplace where I can truly be alone, no interruptions.   And there I can engage in thankful thinking, just plain old thinking about the things I am grateful for, from the smallest,things like raindrops, to the biggest things, like kids.  I try to do that often.

And it does make a difference.  

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