Monday, October 26, 2015

October 27th 8:05AM Full Hunters Moon

              ~~artist unknown
The Full Hunter's Moon is glowing , illuminating the nearly bare trees, as it must have centuries ago, when It got it's name.  Imagine a time when the only illumination came from candles and lanterns, the woods was a dark and dangerous place,  filled  with  dangerous animals, murderous humans, and unspeakable specters, all of which had to be braved in order to fill  the larder.  A family with a good supply of food stashed away, or should I say salted down, had a much better chance of surviving the winter. It was the goal to not have to be out hunting in the lean and hungry months of February and March, when the lean and hungry wolves were also looking for a meal. 

Also known as the Moon Before Hallows, Falling Leaves Moon, New Clothes Moon, Whistling Moon, Frost Moon, and my favorite the Gathering Moon. 

Soon our streets will be filled with little ones hunting for candy, and again it is a good thing to have a stash that will last one for awhile, all of those little hunter gatherers in their costumes seeking candy and celebrating Halloween, my favorite holiday.  The full moon is  often depicted  in Halloween décor, but in truth the full moon rarely occurs on Halloween.  As you can see in this list from the Farmers Almanac. 

 I can remember  the 2001 full Halloween moon, after all the Trick or Treaters were home, sneaking candy from their haul, the street was quiet again.  Even the dogs were silent, and I stood on the deck,  enjoying the silence, the leaves that remained rustled in a chilly breeze.  The earthy smell of Autumn hung in the air, as I watched the full moon, with wispy clouds sailing across it's face,  silhouetting the bare trees.  I stood there for some time, barefooted, and wide eyed, and just watched.  I didn't know what a rare sight it was.

Tueday - October 31 - 1944

Monday - October 31 - 1955

Thurday - October 31 - 1974

Wednesday - October 31 - 2001

Saturday - October 31 - 2020

Monday - October 31 - 2039

Thursday - October 31 - 2058

Sunday - October 31 - 2077

Wednesday - October 31 - 2096

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