Friday, October 23, 2015

helpful household hints for Halloween

1. Allow houseplants and foundation plantings to  grow unchecked.

2. Hang old sheets out to dry on the front porch,  a few well placed tears and stains will make them look homey.

3. Scatter gravel on the walkway, and hang empty birdcages in the trees.

4. Invest in some foundation stones and place them neatly in the yard, faded artificial flowers may be used to decorate them.

5. Replace the doorbell with a vintage doorknocker, and put a  "Beware of Dog" sign in the window, carefully cut the word dog out using a very sharp Exacto knife. Try to make the cut look like a bitemark.

6. Leave window blinds pulled down, but  prop them such that it looks like someone is peeking out.

7.  Inside sprinkle black glitter on the dust bunnies and dust bats.

8. Partially unscrew lightbulbs so they will flicker.

9.  Loosen door hinges so that they door sag open and/or will not close properly.

10.  Fill vases with twigs and dried branches, a hornet's nest, preferably unoccupied would add a nice touch.

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