Monday, August 24, 2015

goin' for a drive

Learned to drive in the days of huge gas guzzling cars and even bigger pick-up trucks, and that big car ride; which can't be matched in anything less,  at a time when gas was cheap, going for a ride was a part of my week. It still is but now my ride to the grocery store, hardware store. farmers market, or  if I am lucky, the flea market. 

 My vehicle  is my sanctuary,  am alone, and I am the captain, and it is good to be the captain, especially if you are the type who is  always wondering what is over the next hill.  Going for a ride , or going for a drive, was entertainment also, and just so much less, of the same old same old.  You could call it an expression of freedom, and until the advent of the cell phone, an act of breaking away. 

I have had sporty little cars, big floaters, diesel pick-ups and even  an economy SUV, but aside from the obvious difference, or should I say in spite of the obvious differences, they are pretty much the same.   The home of my wanderlust, and curiosity, a good place to ponder, and to be  seen, and see  what there is to see.  Ya get that free feeling, of the open road, wind in your hair, sun on your face, man do I miss the " moon roof" or  "sun roof", from that time when cars were meant to be open in hot weather, not hermetically sealed and air conditioned....oooops! my age is showing again.  So what if a few drops of rain leaked in. The freedom of the open road, and you were free and flying solo.   Tunes cranked up so loud that you could  feel them.  Ok so sometimes it wasn't all that free, and sometimes it was good to get out and get some Diner food, or a soda at a gas station, that sold more gas that food, where you could get almost any kind of sunglasses, or key chains.

And when you finally got home you felt "brand new". 

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