Wednesday, July 15, 2015

dreamimg is your mind travelling

"Ya see, I'm not talking about what my dreams mean or where they come from, I want to know here they are going."  
That is a quote from a some movie I was sorta watching with my eyes almost closed and my dreams fully engaged.    And it woke me up, so I started writing this.  For all of the times I have  heard people try to interpret dreams, or explain them, and wondered how such mutable things can be anything but wonder and wanderlust in hyper drive; how dreams can be anything but your mind traveling, and creating a world for its own amazement. Interpreting dreams, using list of time honored symbols is  not something I argue with.   More recently the idea the  symbols in dreams can be unique to the dreamer has gained respect , and allowed the dreamer to become a part of  the interpretation, which is something I deeply believe is true.  
But what if some dreams , or may-be most dreams have no meaning beyond the mind freed from it's daily activities romping through ideas and images, possibly creating or recreating, where it is the one in charge?  Wrestling order from  everyday chaos,  making sense of the fine details that the conscious mind stored but never sorted through. And  as in "Let me sleep on it." rearranging those details in a game of "what if" with many alternate endings possible. Looking for where things went right or wrong, sifting for the fine detail and storing them away for the next time, I dunno.   And when it gets tired of all this, it's inner child comes out to play.  Like a child pretending it rambles through what  information it has stored about what exists beyond the body it dwells in and creates it's own adventures there by stretching it's creative  muscles    A mind tired of routine details takes off on a road trip.  And since it has no boundaries, no hazards, no physical dangers, it can piece together what ever it wants.
So why not explore and mysterious and slightly spooky abandoned house, you can't really fall through a floor and break something, like your legs.   Scary creatures or people can't harm your physical body.    What about going for a joy ride across the river in a old truck, just to see what is really on the other side, your hearts desire might be there, waiting for you or the riches and adventures you will never, could never, have in life may be there for you to enjoy.   Imagine a sweet smelling field with beautiful flowers, and a few sociable dragons who are willing to take you for a ride above the tree tops,  a day dream is pale by comparison to what one's  nightly dreams.    On a more personal level, I think the adventure and wanderlust in my mind, gets very bored by everyday life, and so it paints itself a canvas  of beautiful and/or exciting places filled with plot twists and  mystery, but then some nights it just wants to sit by a peaceful stream, and fish. 

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