Sunday, June 28, 2015

A sorta wordy Sunday with Huff Post and Queen Elizabeth

When I grow up, that is if I ever have to grow up, I don't want to be the Queen,  I admire her as much  as I loved the Queen Mum.   I deeply respect them for being so gracious , in some situations it must take true girt and determination to do so.  I know it is not proper to hug the Queen, but Lord knows, she deserves tons of them. 

The Many Weird And Wonderful Photo Ops Of Queen Elizabeth

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Queen Elizabeth II may soon have to relocate from Buckingham Palace as the residence undergoes an estimated 150 million pounds, or $235 million, worth of repairs.
If she does, it'll be just one more move in her peripatetic life. The Queen spends much of her time touring Britain andhe world, watching her human and equine subjects climb walls, punch bags and parade about.
Here are just a few pictures of the journeying 89-year-old monarch observing the wonders of her kingdom.
  • Danny E. Martindale / Getty Images
    Queen Elizabeth II watches a horse with apparent displeasure on the first day of the Royal Windsor Horse Show.
  • Chris Jackson / Getty Images
    In Ottawa, Canada, the Queen and her husband impassively watch a Canadian dancer shake her stuff at Canada Day celebrations.
  • Nigel Roddis / Getty Images
    Boxers beating on bags drew the royal gaze during a visit to The Factory Youth Zone in Manchester, England.
  • Jeff J. Mitchell / Getty Images
    It looks like a ride on the Yellow Duck piqued the Queen's interest in Liverpool, England.
  • Christopher Furlong / Getty Images
    The Queen surveys wildlife through the windows of a patriotic monorail car during a visit to the Chester Zoo in Chester, England.
  • v Paul Grover / Getty Images
    Dancers at the Chester Zoo elicit a small royal smile
           Paul Grover / Getty Images
    Dancers at the Chester Zoo elicit a small royal smile.
  • Paul Grover / AFP / Getty Images
    Elizabeth casts her queenly gaze upon pupils scaling a climbing wall at the opening of Westminster School's new Sports Centre in London.
  • Paul Grover / Getty Images
    Young fencers hold the Queen's eye at the Westminster School's sports center.
  • Mark Kolbe / Getty Images
    The Queen is not amused by this hockey match during the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland.
  • Max Mumby / Indigo / Getty Images
    We can't take our eyes off the diminutive royal as she poses with rail construction workers in Reading, England             





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