Friday, April 24, 2015



Proud young man on a warm summers day, I bet we all know what he will write about for the dreaded return to school essay,  "What I did on my Summer  Vacation".  Wonder if someone cooked that fish up for supper, or perhaps had it mounted.  I 'll also bet he is at least and Grandpa and may-be a great Grandpa,  by now, I hope he is able to take his little guys and gals fishing.
Hope he tells them "fish storys", as they  watch the bobbers float, and  that someday they tell those storys and "fish storys" of their own to their own little ones.  I hope they get to know the joy of just being beside a stream, and listening, watching and may-be if they want to catching a fish.

Fishing, which in my case means sitting on a large rock, or some other comfortable spot. spreading out my gear, and casting an unabated hook into the water and settling back for a day of being alone with my thoughts and daydreams and soaking up the beauty around me.

I don't really like trout or bass.   Catfish are good eating, if they are big enough that I don't  have to work too hard to take out the bones.  With this in mind it makes a great deal of sense to not  to bait the hook.  there are times while I am sitting on a dock, gazing out over a serene lake that I don't bother with the hook, and instead just cast out a bobber.   And I like to think that I am not the only one who does this. Do others see fishing as a way to commune with nature, and allow nature to commune with the soul.  When one goes fishing, one doesn't expect to be disturbed in any way,  and this leads me to think that fishing is about a whole lot more, than catching fish.

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