Monday, February 2, 2015

waiting on Winter storm Linus

Well it all started like this, I had been hearing about a winter storm coming,  what is  it about giving storms names, why do they think it will make people pay more attention to them?  Who knows? Anyway on Saturday morning, I was pretty well convinced that there was a winter storm coming our way and that I should  go into town and get a supply of the "essential white things"  just in case we got snowed in again , after all we had plenty of snow on the ground already.   I never have liked winter, but the older I get the more annoying it gets.
So on my merry way into town, the sun is blazing, not that it is making anything warmer, but it sure is bright.  Storms that pass to our south, generally mean spring is just about here. Good thing that because I have had more than enough of winter.
On the way home, I have NOAA weather on, another thing that is hardly unusual,
weather, weather facts , weather trivia, yeah, I am seriously hooked on weather.  Talking about winter storm Linus, I confess I find it hard to believe someone would name a storm after Linus, Lucy of course but surely not the philosophical Linus. 
I have about had it with the comments on the local TV and radio stations about winter storm Linus wrapping us securely in a blanket of snow, wasn't funny the first time and it went down hill fast from there. 

I arrived at my already snow covered driveway, sure that I had everything I need to , pardon the expression, winter the storm.
After making a few last minute preparations outdoors, I went inside and made a couple casseroles and a pot of soup and some apple cobbler, wouldn't do to run out of food if the power goes off.  Arrange  a comfortable spot o snooze and read, put fresh batteries in the camera, and watched  SYFY until I fell asleep in my chair, fully expecting to wake up to knee deep snow the next morning.

And, and  and, Sunday dawned bright and snow less!!!
Yippy Yahoooooooi
The forecasters where wrong, so I had tuna casserole for breakfast.  La De Da, it was 8AMand no snow, 9AM and no snow, 10AM and you get the idea.  I was blissfully sitting near the window, talking about nothing important, and then all at once...SNOW, like a curtain or a wall, it just appeared.  Traffic began to slow down, shortly there were sirens and Recue vehicle going past, at what would seem a very slow speed for them.
As I have said I don't hear the traffic on the highway nearby, until it stops. Then I get an uneasy feeling, perhaps the world has ended and it hasn't reached us yet.  By now it was snowing so hard it was difficult to see traffic, what little there was of it. and by nightfall there was little if any beside the state road crews trying to keep up with the snowfall and the overconfident big rigs drives who were moving so slowly that I could have read every word on their trucks, if  I could have seen them through the snow and gloom.
I spent a uneasy night, without the lullaby of passing trucks.  The nearly full moon glowed through the thinning clouds. 

My alarm went off, and I promptly thought that the power had gone off, then I realized my clock was electric, so that couldn't be the reason.  It was dark because it was still snowing, snowing with a real vengeance.  

Coffee first, photography second, I was bundled up and ready to take pictures of all of the snow. Except, I was snowed in!!!

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