Saturday, January 24, 2015

passing the time by thinking about the passing of time

With each passing day we are one day closer to Spring than we were.  The sun sets a little bit later, and travels a bit higher in the sky, but bitter cold is still the order of the day. 
We are much closer to Spring than we were on the day of the first snow. When even  I paused to admire the first delicate flakes of the season drift  gently across the landscape. " I" , I said haughtily,  " am one who doesn't buy into the warmy fuzzy notions about winter" ....oh! wait yes I do.   For those few minutes,  I drifted into the snow globe of drinking hot chocolate as the snow swirled  across the lawn.  Reading a novel whilst curled up in the rocker.  And of enjoying the warm glow of Christmas lights as big beautiful flakes flutter past my window.  Notice all of theses things happened indoors. Snow  at Christmas, we yearn for a white Christmas.   The Christmas season is brief, but the snow lingers and get deeper as the chill strengthens.   This is something I have always wondered about, was winter perhaps shorter in past centurys? 

And let me bring to your attention that winter has two distinct parts, the lovely, cozy, candle glowing, nostalgic  Christmas card part that lasts if one is fortunate into the first week of January, where upon it turns into the realistic, cold, slippery, windy, gray, sleet, slush and dirty snow, of true winter.   Where did all the all the charm and magic go to so fast?    

No where it is still here.  I can only speak for myself when I say that a part of what I like least is caused mainly by my impatience with it's length; and secondarily  being indoors far more than I want to be.   And the inevitable need to tug on mountains of clothing to go outdoors in relative comfort.   

Time filled with reading and doing taxes, planning the garden and general day dreaming.  Wistful thoughts of warm spring days and flowers,  which give way to hot humid summer days. 

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