Monday, December 1, 2014

Advent Calandars, rambling through some memories

Each year I look for new things to post at Christmas time.  But this year I am trying a new way to post them.   
Advent is the time when people traditionally prepared for Christmas, in those long ago days when the season didn't start  before the last candle in the jack o  lanterns was snuffed out. 
Once upon a time in the long ago world of childhood wonder, I received an Advent calander from a family friend who was stationed in Germany.
It was a street scene with,  many tiny doors and one great big one all numbered.  Everyday I opened one door, very carefully because they were made of paper.  It lasted for years, I even took it to school one year.  But I have no idea what finally happened to it.
The years rolled on and it was time for me to find an advent calendar for my own little guy, and I chose one that had ornaments behind each window.  I set up a tiny tree with lights and that was a much bigger deal than a paper one. Now carefully packed away for the day when the tradition will continue.  
The first advent calendars , was we know them were printed in the mid 1800's and before them, probably in the homes of the more well to do were  Advent clock and  Advent candles, one lit for each night, were traditional.  The original purpose of the calendars was more sacred than secular, but gradually  the door opened to images of toys and treats instead of words of faith and wisdom. In more recent times calendars have also contained sweets and trinkets.    My hope this year is to bring you a something  each day that might spark your holiday creativity.

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