Thursday, November 13, 2014

What month of the year is Canada?

"November always seemed to me the Norway of the year."
- Emily Dickinson

There is an interesting statement.  Emily Dickenson lived in a time when the world was a bit colder than it is now, but I like her choice.  Would I have chosen  Norway to represent November, I had to think about that, but no matter.   I wasn't sure, at least that is what I thought when I first read this.  Then I thought I should make my own list, so here goes.

Let us begin with January, which is very cold, with occasional thaws that turn rills to torrents. Iceland, yes January is Iceland.

February with it's 28 or 29 days always feels like the longest month of the year, so I think it would be best represented by Siberia.

March a month that has days from all of the seasons of the year, sometimes all seasons are represented in one day.  Canada a vast and varied country, yes Canada is March.

April, which makes a speedy transitions from the last remnants od winter  into the first greening of summer almost as fast as descending the Alps, is you guessed it Switzerland.

May, is England, full of blooming flowers, ancient poetryand , and with a pleasant thought damp climate.

July is the United States, in a hurry, always in a lather, rushing.  Full of diversity, thunder and lightening.

August, swelters and sparkles under a strong clear sun.  It is Australia.  Vast open skies, powerful thunderstorms,  wanting to dip into the ocean, or a lake

September, warm weather golden sunlight, fruits and vegetables abound, September is Italy

October is Scotland, cool and refreshing, dotted with beautifully colored trees,  robed in morning fogs and  more than a little mysterious.

November is the first of winters chill, with occasional breaks, cold and grey some days, sunny and crisp other, yes November is Norway. 

December is Germany, glowing windows and gentle snowfalls, Christkindle markets, nights filled with stars.

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