Sunday, August 17, 2014

black cat appreciation day-August 17th


My little friend here is all decked out to celebrate Black Cat Day Appreciation Day, August 17th.  He knows that he is one dapper fellow.  Black cats are more likely to be male than female, the Bombay, is the only all black breed. They are the offspring of a Burmese  and a black American shorthair.   The American Cat Fanciers Association recognizes  black cats in 22 breeds.  Cats with black and some white,  called  "tuxedo "cats, are often credited with be very loyal to, and protective of  their humans.   
The adoption of Black Cats from animal shelters, is a part of this holiday.  Unfortunately , black cats are  more difficult to find homes for.  Rumor has it that in the United Kingdom. people are leaving black cats at shelters because the cats don't photograph well....which in the words of Capt.  Peacock "neither rhythms nor scans".
Poor little guys and gals, they were once worshipped.  The ancient Egyptians  followed Bast ( also Baast or Bastet) shown as a black cat or a woman with a cats head.
Cats were mummified, and ritually buried.  Killing a cat was punishable by death.  The cat, domesticated in about 1000BC, is one of the more recent domestication.  Cats would tell you that they are not domesticated, unless they want to be.
The industrious nature of rats and mice was revered by the church during the medieval era, and the cat with it's mysterious comings and goings, and moods, was considered to have evil intentions, sadly they were hunted and killed for their alleged connections with witches and devils.  The images of rats who carried the plague  can be found in churches built during this time.

Owners of black cats are warned to keep their cats indoors at Halloween to keep them safe.


Black domestic cat (Wikipedia)
Black jaguar (Wikipedia)
Melanism, the term that describes being  black  is also found in the  wild cat breeds.   It may help in camouflaging the animal making it easier to ambush prey.  there is some evidence that melanism  is linked with increased resistance to pathogens.   Of the 36 species of wild felines, 11 have black or melanistic  color phases.
Black leopard (Wikipedia)

 It has been a very long time since I had a cat sharing my life, but when the times comes, I hope a black cat picks me.    I have had, black rabbits, black goats,  a black rooster, and a black snake, and if hubby had his way black scorpions....and a very overprotective tuxedo.  Think I'll call him or her "Inky", and may-be buy us both a top hat.

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