Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mayfull Moon

  Mayfull Moon started out as one of my many typos...the Mayfull Moon, surely mayfull must be a word, but no, it isn't.  So here I sit looking out the window at the May Full Moon.  Wanting to say that the Full Flower Moon and  the Full Milk Moon sing of hopefulness.   The word "may" means possible, can, permitted to....so  Mayfull Moon means filled with promise, filled with hope.  Yes, I like that even though, or may-be because I made it up.   As I watched the nearly full moon rise high in the late day sky  and think about the never ending winter, the trees trying to leaf out and the flowers trying to bloom, and the humming birds, bossy little creatures in perpetual motion. 

It isn't exactly love that makes the world go around, it is Hope. 

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