Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Maya. my teacher

I came home from school one day, and my mother greeted me by telling me that there was someone on TV I just had to see.  That someone was Maya Angelou.
And there stood this amazing woman, with a voice both melodious and powerful, speaking words, speaking words I knew were true
thoughts I knew should be expressed and
then I knew
that there was so much more
to the world
to everything and everyone
in it.
My life changed that instant.
I watched  every program she was interviewed on and read everything I could find that she wrote, and that continues to this day. 

Dr Angelou , who once wrote cookbooks, yes, really. A thought to me that seems to make perfect sense and a perfect circle.  "Good Food, All Day Long" and "Hallelujah! the Welcome Table", while talking about these she spoke of the variety and colors of foods, and what a blessing they were, and she also spoke of the many colors in the Family of Man.  It seems only right to me that an adept story teller like herself would connect food, eating together and the exchange of stories.

In recent years she grew increasingly frail, but the power of her voice and her spirit shown through.

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