Sunday, April 13, 2014

April Moon

The moon in the sky at mid-day is one of my favorite sights.  It has always been a wonder to me, I find it hard to look away, and I want to stay and watch it. 

Aprils full moon is often called the full Pink Moon, or even the Yellow Moon, perhaps these manes come from the misty atmospheric conditions at this time of year. I don't know.  Other names on the list are the Ashes Moon, perhaps for the trees, but to me more likely for the amount of ashes that have accumulated from the hearth fire over the winter, and this year were very useful as anti skid on the patches of ice that remained too long.  The tress have finally begun to bud out, hence the Budding Moon, and I did see a few rabbits, The Hare Moon, though Hare is a European term, the first day of fishing season, thus the Fishing Moon, though more likely the ice has finally melted on the ponds and lakes, the water is warming up and it is easier to catch the more active and hungry fish.  I wonder if Bullhead Moon refers to the fish or the attitude of those who have had to wait too long to get back into their gardening routine this year.   The Egg Moon, the Tulip Moon, The Grass Greening Moon, The Wind Moon, The Maple Sugar Moon, are all pretty self explanatory. The White Lady Moon, what a beautiful name, refers to Beltane, and that the Goddess is mirrored not only by the moon, but by  white flowers.
Willow moon, the willows are among the first trees to green up, and I can recall making willow whistles with my Dad, that was a big treat.   Frog moon, the sound of  a chorus spring peepers, a tiny frog, means spring to me and last evening as I finished raking a section of the yard, I paused to listen to them,  what magical voices.

The Moon when Nothing Happens...truly sounds odd, one possible meaning is that some people fear the Blood Moon is a sign of impending doom, but there have been many Blood Moons and so far, nothing has happened, could be the origin of this odd name.

Of all of the name on the list of full moon names that were sent to me , my favorite  for this month by far was the  Broken Snowshoe Moon...yes break those snowshoes, those broken down snowshoes... use them for kindling the bonfires of Spring....we surely do deserve some warm weather.

 Vega Star Carpenter

And here we all be under the Wind Moon, so I thought it might be appropriate to celebrate with prayer flags. Homemade prayer flags, with homemade prayers, a prayer can  be as simple as the word,  like HOPE, drawn on a cloth square with magic marker or a complex as you want them to be.


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