Monday, March 24, 2014

Theres a poem in here somewhere

The only thing I know about this picture is that it was taken in about 1950.  Don't know the location or the photographer, or anything else about it.

A dog, dressed as a man,sitting on a wooden chair while holding a cat, who both seem relatively calm. Behind them is a weathered board fence and a well tended rock garden,just guessing but  looks like it was at least mid August and probably later.
From the soft smokey quality of the shadows, I would guess it was a overcast day.  But what I want to guess most about is who created this. 

 Created is the word here.  Notice that the shoulders of the man are made by putting the jacket over the chair and buttoning the dog in, that is one mellow dog!  And one mellow cat!  My first thought was that it was a tribute to beloved but absent family member.  A sadly missed Grandfather,  who tended the rock garden.  However  it could be a brother or husband, even a son who was  in the military, or just a long way from home.   Any or none of whom also belonged to the cat and dog.  I will never know.

Could gave been a CAREFULLY staged photo, for someone, perhaps that brother, father , son or grandfather?  A photo of their faithful, and mellow cat and dog, there to let them know that all of the folks at home missed them.  A   loving  expression, with humor, and a homemade pride.  Something not too sentimental intended for someone special.

Then of course it could have other explanations.  It could be for a contest or a school project, or something to do on a dull afternoon.

 I said to myself "Theres a poem in here somewhere."   Even though i don't have any information it seemed to me to be a poem in photographic form.

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