Thursday, February 20, 2014

between revence and irrevernce

Nothing like the fragrance of an outhouse on a hot summers day, and nothing like the icy chill of an outhouse on a snowy January morning.  then there were the flies. spiders, snakes, yellow jackets and pranksters who would tip it over when some unsuspecting soul was in it. It is no wonder  that it is an American symbol of the "good old days" that simpler life and time, to those who had never had to use one.  One can find many charming paintings of the ole two holer in tourist  shops near where they are camping, a campground with showers, and no outhouses, nope!,modern porcelain facilities  are the rule.  
The "little brown shack outback" has become a  much romanticised image, some where between reverence and humor.   
I am told that the design of out houses is only limited by the builders imagination.  

I can still remember the outhouse at my Grandparents farm, which stands there still flanked by ornamental evergreens and columbines, it is now a tool shed.   And later  at Scout camp,  how the other kids reacted to using those little wooden buildings, made me glad to be a hick from the sticks .

One of my favorite Halloween decorations is  a small model of an outhouse complete with a half moon on the door, if you open that door you will see the Grim Reaper seated  there reading his copy of the Tombstone Times. 

Dimly recollect that time when the Interstate Highway system was being built, it went through where our barn , but apparently it went through some one's
far more important real estate. 

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